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Hi, I'm Sergio Ribera and I'm a software developer. I started in this development back in 2013, when my dad showed me a program called Unity 3d, the truth is that it caught my attention and it occurred to me to develop my first video game, unfortunately from my first video games there is nothing left but the memory but I think I have projects that cover it, in addition to video game development I really like to develop solutions through technology, covering what it entails, from mobile application development to server deployment, I invite you to see the projects that I have included here and also to go through my GitHub profile


Game Dev

Run A Thon

We developed this project together with two friends for a 1 week Jam, what happened is that we came up with making an online video game, and this was our baby

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Multiple Batalla

It is a very simple game inspired by Super Smash oriented towards local gameplay

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Plants Vs Zombie Clone

This game came about because a friend challenged me to make a video game in 1 day, the vdd is that how I wanted to make a clone and I was just obsessed with PvZ, I said why not, it was very interesting because the development contains interesting things among which We can highlight they are: generation of procedural grid, tracking and states of the enemies for the simulation of AI

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Here I was given the task of managing and directing the development teams, in addition to being in charge of the Continius Deploys of the applications and servers, we worked using the agile methodology called Scrum

Xiara Studios

Unity Developer (Generalist Programmer)

BCP Bolivia

Android Developer


Game Developer (Generalist Programmer)








Version Control

Operative System

Human Languajes

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